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Wikiexpat - Insider Information for Expatriates


The aim is this wiki is to provide information for expats that only locals/long term expats would know about. This will include formal information (like visas, bank accounts, etc) and informal information such as:

In country X, what do people normally do when they get pulled over by the police? Do the majority of locals in country X bribe the police? If so, how much is expected?

Where do locals go to get the best deals on grocery, food, transport?

This will be a collection of all the wisdom about living in another country, how you use this amazing power is up to you!

25 August Birth of Wikiexpat. Malaysia, UK, & NZ will be put up first.

Note to People Intending to Contribute

Please contact me if you like to cooperate together to grow this site. If you have any good wisdom to share, please create an account and type away!